cover letter for job resume

Cover Letter for Resume. All you need to know about the Cover letters

Are you required to submit a cover letter along with your resume for the job application? Or are you simply unable to decide whether to attach a cover letter or not. Well, with new emerging job portals, one might feel that cover letters are redundant, and sending a detailed resume is enough to get the job.

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Cover Letter Checklist. Know this before making a co​​v​er letter

You have got the proofreading of your cover letter done. But are you sure your cover letter will get the attention of the hiring managers? Below here is a cover letter checklist: what you need to check before submitting your cover letter. Continue reading

College Graduate Cover Letter

You may think writing a cover letter for a college graduate is a very difficult process. It may seem complicated as you have a limited work experience. You are probably not sure what to include in your cover letter that will make you stand out. Well, worry not, this article will discuss how to write a cover letter when you are a recent college graduate. Continue reading

Choosing the Correct File Format for Your Cover Letter

Writing a strong cover letter with an easy to read format is not enough to get selected. You must choose the correct file format for your cover letter too. You may ask why it is so important. Well, using the correct file format will not only make you look more professional but also will show the content of the cover letter as you intended it to be. And, hence a lot of emphasis is given for choosing the correct file format. Continue reading

Writing an Entry Level Cover Letter

Even writing a cover letter when you have loads of work experience may not get you the job. It is even harder to get a job with an entry level cover letter which do not have much experience to show. Although it might be difficult to get an interview with just an entry level cover letter, it is definitely not impossible. Continue reading