Summer Job: Email Cover Letter

College students, generally during the summer breaks, are interested in doing internships or a summer job. Well, if you are one of them, you will probably be asked to submit your resume online through email or something else. In that case, you should provide a cover letter too with your resume. It not only makes you look more professional but also shows your interest in the job. A well-written cover letter will always increase your chances of getting selected. Continue reading

Part-Time Job: Email Cover Letter

Writing cover letters for a part-time job is the same as for any full-time job. That is, you need to prepare the same short and engaging content required in every cover letter. Although, there is no necessity to submit a cover letter for a part-time job. But giving them one definitely shows your determination and interest in the job. Continue reading

What To Include In An Email Cover Letter

Nowadays, sending an email cover letter has become very common. Sending cover letters and resumes as soft copies are preferred by many companies. An email cover letter should contain the same things as any other cover letter. The difference lies in the format of the letters. Continue reading