Read these tips before putting your GPA on a Resume

You can include your GPA on your resume if it is high enough.

But first of all, what is considered a high GPA?  Or, do you always need to include your GPA if it is high? Finally, are the hiring managers even interested in your GPA? 

Read this article to find out everything you should know before putting your GPA on your resume.

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Hobbies and Interests to Put on a Resume

A hobby is something we do for fun and joy, not for monetary profit or a professional career.
Interests are, on the other hand, subjects that interest you. You want to learn more about these subjects for your satisfaction and happiness.
So, What are some of the top hobbies and interests for cv?
Let us see!

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Picture of a medical assistant with the text - Top 10 skills for Medical Assistant Resume

Top 10 Medical Assistant Skills For Your Resume

Medical assistants are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a clinical facility. They need to know about the critical skills for medical assistant resume that hiring managers always look for.

They need to perform both medical and administrative duties to help doctors carry on with their treatment efficiently.

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Picture with a cover letter graphic element with the text - Best tips for writing email cover letter

How to Write an Email Cover Letter

Sending an email cover letter has become the new standard for the modern job application procedure.

An engaging email cover letter creates a memorable impression to the hiring managers and helps you land more interviews.

It has the same purpose as that of an ordinary cover letter. The only difference is –

  • Either, the content of the cover letter is included in the body of the email.
  • Or, a separate file is sent as an attachment.

Let us now look at some writing tips you should follow.

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CV vs Resume | How to Write a Great Academic CV (With Examples)

What is a CV and is CV a resume?

While the purpose of a CV aligns with that of a similar Resume, a CV includes a lot of additional information about your academic details that a resume won’t.

So, what is an Academic CV?

You use an academic CV when you want to apply to a university teaching position or a research-focused position. Now, let us learn how to write a great academic CV.

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