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How to Email Cover Letter to HR

An email cover letter is just like any other cover letter you send to HR along with your resume. It should ideally be a short document emphasizing your traits and experiences related to the position you are applying for.

If the job listing explicitly mentions instructions to send your email cover letter, then you must follow them precisely. It might specify a particular file format or whether to send the cover letter as an attachment or write its content in the mail itself. 

In case the job description says nothing regarding this, you may read this article to know some tips about sending email cover letters to HR.

Tips for Sending Email Cover Letter As Attachment 

  • While sending an email cover letter as an attachment, make sure you convert your cover letter into a PDF file before sending it. Unlike Word documents, the hiring managers will receive it in its original formatting. Also, PDF files once saved, cannot be changed.
  • Use your name for the document name so that the hiring managers can easily know whose cover letter it is. You may save it as FirstnameLastnameCoverLetter.pdf for convenience
  • Do not forget to write an email message separately. Since you have already attached your cover letter in the mail, this message can be brief. You may simply state your cover letter and resume are attached, and let the hiring manager know that you can be connected for further communication. 

Tips for Sending Email Cover Letter Without Attachment 

  • If there is no specific mention of sending the cover letter as attachment, refrain from doing so. Just write the content of your cover letter in the mail itself.
  • Remember to erase all formatting in the text, as the received mail might not retain it perfectly and thus cause confusion. Also, a simple text will look more readable and professional than a fancy one.
  • You can end the email body by thanking the hiring manager for their time or mention your follow-up plan.  

Points to Remember while Sending an Email Cover Letter

Keep these points in mind to ensure your email gets the undivided attention of the hiring manager. 

  • Follow all the instructions from the job listing 

If the company wants you to send your cover letter in a definite format, it is advised to stick to it completely. Send exactly what you are asked for, if not your mail will probably never even be checked.

  • Address the mail correctly

Addressing the mail to the correct person is of extreme importance. Do your research and try your best to figure out who exactly is going to read your letter. If you cannot figure their name, use their designation instead. If even that is not accessible to you, write a generic greeting at the beginning.

  • Always include a subject line in the mail 

Do not leave the subject line empty in a mail, or it might end up in the Spam folder of your employer. List the position or the job role for which you are applying, so that the hiring manager knows what the mail is for.

  • Add your signature at the end

You can add your contact details at the end of the mail to be sure that your employer knows how to contact you if needed. Include your name, phone number, and any other contact information if required.

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