Part-Time Job: Email Cover Letter

Writing cover letters for a part-time job is the same as for any full-time job. That is, you need to prepare the same short and engaging content required in every cover letter. Although, there is no necessity to submit a cover letter for a part-time job. But giving them one definitely shows your determination and interest in the job.


What To Include In The Cover Letter

While writing a cover letter for a part-time job, you need to use the standard format for writing an email cover letter. Do a little research to find who is going to read the letter, and address the letter specifically to that person.  Start the opening paragraph by telling them why you want the job. If you have any connections or contacts, be sure to mention them. In the middle paragraph, tell them about your skills and qualifications, and how they make you a perfect fit for the job. In the last paragraph, convey your thanks and sign off professionally.


It is always a better option to provide a cover letter with your resume for any kind of job. In this case too, be sure to submit one unless they specifically mention not to.

Keep it simple and concise without writing any unnecessary and irrelevant stuff. Part-time jobs generally prefer if you can work multiple shifts. So if you are able to do that, mention this fact. Lastly, proofread it carefully to avoid any grammatical or spelling mistake.


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