Academic Cover Letter

When you are writing an academic cover letter, the usual format will change a little bit. Writing a cover letter for any academic position is slightly different than other non-academic positions.


What To Include In Your Academic Cover Letter


Although your cover letter should follow the same basic format, its length will get changed. Basically, non-academic job profile ask to be very specific of what you include in your cover letter. However, academic jobs want you to be as detailed as possible about your academic progress so far. So, rather than the typical one-page format, you need to write at least two pages to include all the necessary information.

These people are generally more interested in your working philosophy than your skills. They are the ones who will check you background thoroughly before selecting you. So, make sure to emphasize on the keywords they seek and convince them you are a perfect fit to their organisation. Include any awards or recognition you have received so far along with your plans for the future.

Tailor your letter according to expectations of the institute you are applying for. If you possess something currently missing in the faculty members, make them aware of the fact. If you can lead a new project or offer some help to an existing one, mention this fact.




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