College Graduate Cover Letter

You may think writing a cover letter for a college graduate is a very difficult process. It may seem complicated as you have a limited work experience. You are probably not sure what to include in your cover letter that will make you stand out. Well, worry not, this article will discuss how to write a cover letter when you are a recent college graduate.


What To Include

Use keywords in your cover letter. Identify the words the employer wants you to have in your cover letter and be sure to include them. The hiring managers will take a look at your cover letter only to check if it contains the specific keywords or not. Only after that, they will take a closer look at its content.

Focus on all the activities and accomplishments you have made. As you do not have that much work experience, focus on your internships and training. You need to tell them you are a great fit for the position as such you need to mention all your activities and highlight your responsibilities.

Research the company thoroughly before writing the letter. Focus on your knowledge of the company. You need to convince them you are interested in the work.


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