Cover Letter Checklist. Know this before making a co​​v​er letter

You have got the proofreading of your cover letter done. But are you sure your cover letter will get the attention of the hiring managers? Below here is a cover letter checklist: what you need to check before submitting your cover letter.

Verify The Contact Information

Check everyone’s contact information several times before submitting. Make sure there are no spelling errors in the names. See if your contact number and email addresses are accurate. Also, make sure that you are sending the letter to the mentioned person or not.

Make Sure You Are Using The Correct Greetings

Always check if you are using the correct greetings or not. Your tone should be professional and not casual at all. Though your choice of greeting will vary depending on your relation with the hiring manager, still it must be formal enough.

Choose The Correct File Format

Another important task is to select the correct file format. If the company has specifically mentioned any particular file format for sending the cover letter, follow their instructions. If not, sending your file in PDF or Word format is the best choice.

Check The Length

Check if there are any previously mentioned length requirements by the company for the cover letter. If they have already given the required details, be sure to follow them. If not, stick to the usual one-page length format for your cover letter.

Proofread it

Even though this is the most obvious one among all these, applicants still make mistakes in their cover letters. So, proofread it thoroughly and multiple times to make your cover letter error-free.

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