What To Include In An Email Cover Letter

Nowadays, sending an email cover letter has become very common. Sending cover letters and resumes as soft copies are preferred by many companies. An email cover letter should contain the same things as any other cover letter. The difference lies in the format of the letters. Continue reading

Employee Referral Cover Letter

When there are hundreds of job applicants applying for a job opening, the ones who come with a referral cover letter have more chances of getting selected. When you have an employee referral cover letter, they will know that you are a better fit for the team. Almost everyone includes a referral. It is also seen those who include a referral get selected than the ones who don’t. It makes sense actually – the one who comes recommended by a current employee is definitely better. Continue reading

Choosing the Correct File Format for Your Cover Letter

Writing a strong cover letter with an easy to read format is not enough to get selected. You must choose the correct file format for your cover letter too. You may ask why it is so important. Well, using the correct file format will not only make you look more professional but also will show the content of the cover letter as you intended it to be. And, hence a lot of emphasis is given for choosing the correct file format. Continue reading