Key Components of a Strong Resume

“First impression is the last impression” is one of the sayings we hear a lot. It is true enough. The first impression of someone may last forever. That is why it is very important to create a good enough first impression. The same can be said for a resume; how you portray yourself through your resume decides your future job. Meaning you need to create a strong resume for you to get past the first round. Continue reading

Importance of a Resume Format

You may ask what is so important about the resume format we use or why there are so many different formats for writing a resume. Well, the answer is simple – First impression is the last impression. The recruiters will use the least amount of time to read your resume to either select or reject you. That is why you need to use the resume format that suits you the best to increase your chances of getting selected. Continue reading

Functional Resume – Guide

Functional Resume is one of the less-common resume formats used by job seekers. It is also called a skills-based resume as this format highlights the skills instead of work history of the individual. In reality, a lot of companies prefer the chronological format over this one. That is why it is better to first decide whether you truly need to use this format or not. Continue reading

Chronological Resume-Everything You Need To Know

Chronological Resume format is one of the three most popular resume formats used by job applicants. Also known as reverse-chronological resume, this format being the most conventional one, is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of resume writing. Though it is not the perfect format for all job seekers, but it is the most sought-after one. Continue reading

Resume format types and which format to use for a resume?

All you need to know about resume format:

Resumes are advertisements for your capabilities. In such case, you need to be really careful about the resume formats you set for yourself before commencing the resume writing procedure. Corresponding to the job you are targeting, the resume format will be changed. Continue reading