Resume Tips for Everyone

Doesn’t matter if you are an entry-level candidate or an experienced one, here are some resume tips applicable for all job applicants.

  1. Keep it short

No matter how highly experienced or qualified you may be, it is better to keep your resume to one page. Some will argue and say it can of two pages if you have a lot of work experience. But believe me, no one has the time or patience to read it all. They will only take a look at the relevant items. So, you should only provide the necessary details in your resume to make it concise and to the point.

  1. Include keywords

The recruiters need some specific skills and often include some keywords repetitively in the job description. These keywords should definitely be included in your resume. The recruiters only look for the keywords during selection process. That is why you need to smartly place the keywords in your resume so that they get highlighted the most.

  1. Use a readable format

The main key in your selection lies in your resume format. Keeping it simple is the best thing to do. Using a readable font and including spaces, wherever needed, makes your resume look neat and tidy. Also, dividing it into sections makes it look more organised and professional.

  1. Highlight your best aspects

While maintaining all these, do not forget to give emphasis on your skills and achievements. Whatever your best aspects are, your skills or work experiences, be sure to make them stand out. Also, make sure you always quantify your achievements rather than simply writing them. It has a more powerful impact.

  1. Proofread it

Last but not the least, proofread your resume several times before submitting. Check for all possible mistakes like any grammatical or spelling errors and correct them. If you are not sure, then ask others to check it for mistakes. To submit a resume filled with errors is the worst thing that can happen to you. So do avoid this at any cost.

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