Resume Format 2021 Guide and Examples: How to Choose

Resume format usually describes an individual’s work experience, qualifications, and relevant skills about a job application in a professional presentation. A perfect resume format is pleasing to eye and will successfully pass applicant tracking systems which aims to access resume and other details electronically.

There are three main resume formats. In this guide, we’ll help you choose the format and template that suits your experience

To be honest, there is no such thing as the best resume format. The best resume format varies according to situations. Basically, it depends on several factors like the job you are applying for, or how experienced an individual you are.

The most popular three formats that job applicants use are namely Chronological Resume, Functional Resume and Combination Resume.

1. Chronological Resume Format

This format highlights the work experience section of the resume. Also, you need to include any achievements or accomplishments of yours. It gives the recruiters a clear view of your progress so far.

An Ideal Resume Format for

  • Applicants having a lot of work experience in the same field of work
  • Entry-level candidates or students
  • Candidates having a solid and consistent work history

When To Not Use This Format

  • If you have gaps in your employment history
  • If you frequently change your jobs

2. Functional Resume Format

This resume format highlights the skills instead of work history of the individual. It highlights the attributes of the individual giving the recruiters a clear knowledge of their skills.

An Ideal Resuem Format for

  • Applicants who want to hide their gaps in employment
  • Candidates with limited work experience or changing careers

When To Not Use This Resume Format

  • If you have a consistent work experience
  • If you do not have any other section that makes you stand out

3. Combination Resume Format

This resume format makes itself special by including the best aspects of the other formats. This format makes it easy to identify the skills with sufficient work experience to back them up. Also, it also makes the gaps in employment history less prominent rather than intentionally hiding them.

An Ideal Resume Format for

  • Applicants having inconsistent work history
  • Candidates who do not have any significant skills or work experiences

Its Disadvantages

  • Makes your resume longer

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