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Different Types of Skills for Your Resume

There are two different types of skills that you can include in your resume. They are Hard Skills and Soft Skills. Though there is a significant difference between the two types of skills, it is futile to include only one of them. To successfully crack the selection round, you need to include both the types of skills in your resume.

Hard Skills

What are Hard Skills?

Hard Skills refer to those skills you can learn through education or training. They are the technical skills and abilities needed for a specific job.

Skills Included in this Category

  • Computer Technology
  • Foreign Languages
  • Programming
  • Certificates and Licences

Common Traits of Hard Skills

  1. Hard Skills are also called technical skills as they are based on technical knowledge.
  2. These skills are highly job specific. For different types of jobs, there are different skills requires accordingly.
  3. You can learn these skills though courses specially designed for them.

Soft Skills

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are those skills or traits you possess which affects your ability to work and interact with others. They are the natural abilities you develop throughout your life.

Skills Included in this Category

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management

Common Traits of Soft Skills

  1. You cannot learn these skills through any courses or training. These are the natural traits you possess.
  2. These are not at all job specific. They are useful across all types of industries.
  3. These skills relate to your emotional intelligence.


Differences between the Two Types of Skills

First and foremost, hard skills can be acquired through experiences, whereas, soft skills are the natural characteristics and cannot be learned in a classroom.

Secondly, hard skills are job specific, while the same set of soft skills can be required for various jobs.

Last but not the least, you cannot mention your soft skills directly in your resume like hard skills. You need to portray them through the achievements and accomplishments that you have done.







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