Choosing a Resume File Name

Wondering what is the best resume file name when you are applying for jobs? Well, when you are selecting your resume file name, it is better to include both your name and the word ‘resume’ in the file name so that the hiring managers can easily distinguish between yours and others.

Using anything less significant may result in the situation that the hiring managers do not even read it. While sending your file as an email attachment, the name of the file is the first thing they see. They should know what and whose it is to check it further. So be sure to make that crystal clear.


How to Select your Resume File Name?

Though there are many names you can give to your resume so that it is identifiable, still, it is better to be short and to the point while naming one. Rather than saving your resume file as simply ‘Resume’, I would recommend to specify your name in it too. For example, you can just name it ‘SteveHarringtonResume’ instead of just ‘Resume’. It is much more preferable as it gives the recruiters a clear idea about the resume.

Tips for Choosing Your Resume File Name

  1. Do not use all lowercase characters

Saving your document using all lowercase characters not only tell the hiring managers you are lazy but also make you look unprofessional. Using some capital letters is not really a big deal, but not using that will definitely make it one. Also, the file looks more presentable if the file name can be read more easily. For example, instead of ‘johnresume’, use ‘JohnResume’.

  1. Choose a suitable file format

If the company has mentioned the format in which your resume has to be given, do follow that. Otherwise, learn how to choose a file format for your resume.

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