Resume Tips for Government Jobs

Writing a resume for government jobs is a completely different process than writing one for a private sector company. For public sector jobs, the hiring managers generally prefer the conservative resume format rather than something unique. Also, the length of the document is not restricted to a page.

That is why to write a resume for government jobs, you need to get the usual resume writing style out of your mind.


Key Features of a Resume for Government Jobs


  1. Use a Simple Format

Here, the recruiters do not want you to show your design skills through your resume. They prefer an organised document with simple formatting elements like easy-to-read font in a traditional setup. Too many creative elements in your resume, simply mean your resume will be ignored. They do not have the time to find what is written where. So, it is better to keep it simple and as per their requirements.

  1. Include Keywords from Job Postings

The government jobs occasionally use different terminologies than what are used by private jobs. Hence, you need to carefully read the job postings to identify the keywords mentioned and add them to your resume. Including them will ensure that your resume does not get neglected in both the cases – when a human checks it or any ATS software checks it.

  1. Separate by Job Positions

For these kind of jobs, you should separate your experiences according to the different job positions held instead of separating by companies. Even if you have worked in the same company or under the same employer but at different positions, you should separate them. This provides a better glimpse at the work you have done.

  1. Be Specific

Do not hesitate to write a few extra pages. Give a detailed description about your education and work experiences. Discuss the duties performed so that they can get a better view of what and how much you have done so far.

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