Writing a resume with no work experience

Have you got no work experience? Worried about how you will present yourself when you have no work experience? Then let me tell you, this does not matter at all.

It is okay if you don’t have any work experiences to add in your resume. You can still be selected for a job. At first, you need to select a resume format and stick to it, while adding other details to fill up the void of the work experience section.

Things to Include In Your Resume If You Have No Work Experience


1.     Education Details

You need to always include your education in every resume. However, in this case, you can also add your GPA or percentage scored in your final exams. Also, if you have done any other courses relevant to the job position, you can include them too.

2.     Skills Summary

Obviously, you have to put all the skills that are required according to the company. Apart from them, any other acquired skill, that is relevant for the job, can also be added to your resume. For example, playing sports shows that you have teamwork in you.

3.     Achievements and Awards

Any kind of awards received or achievements made can be written in your resume. These things highlight your individual qualities as well as serve as a confirmation of your success so far.

4.     Internships Completed

Any kind of internship, paid or unpaid, that you have done is valuable enough to get included in your resume. Actually, if you do not have any work experience, including internships are a must. They tell the recruiters you have practical experience rather than only theoretical knowledge.

5.     Languages Known

Knowing languages other than the common ones gives you an advantage over others. Your future job may require you to speak more than one language. So feel free to add this to your resume.


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