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Best Email Subject Sample for sending CV or Resume to HR

Tips for writing the best email subject line when submitting a resume or cv to HR or Recruiter for a job. This article also includes sample email subject lines.

Keep eamil subject short and concise

If you write too much text, then it can get cut off in the subject line, especially on smaller devices like smartphones. As a result, it is suggested that subject lines be less than 50 characters.

Include referral info in email Subject

If you were referred for a position, including the person’s name in the subject line. It increases your credibility. An example of a job referral subject line is:

“Referral From Jane Simon: Mark Ruban, Resume for Junior Marketing Position”

Refer to instructions

If you have a job description to refer to, be sure to read it carefully. If it says to include the position name, position location, position ID, and your name, then include only that. If you were referred to the job, it’s OK to include the referral name as well. Here are a few subject line examples:

“Sale Manager, Newyork, Job ID 301, Mark Ruban”

“Referred by Simon: Senior Sales Manager, Newyork, Job ID 301, Mark Ruban”

Be professional while writing Email Subject

Don’t use informal words such as “hey” and “howdy.” Also, avoid using shorthand or abbreviations if they aren’t part of the job title or submission instructions.

Eamil subject example:

“Job Application, Mark Ruban Applying for Accountant Position, Houston”


Similar to any job marketing collateral, proofread your subject lines to ensure there are no typos or punctuation errors.

Some more email Subject Sample for sending CV or Resume:

“Applying for Marketing Manager, Newyork, Job ID 301, Mark Ruban”

“Job application — Marketing Manager, Newyork, Job ID 301 — Mark Ruban”

“Job inquiry — Mark Ruban, 10+ years of experience in IT”

“Inquiry —Mark Ruban, PR Specialist Open to New Opportunities”

“HR Operations Manager Looking for Next Position”

“Job Inquiry — Referred by Jane Doe — Mark Ruban, HR Specialist”

If you have certifications or qualifications that add value to your job application

“Job application — Junior Marketing Manager, Job ID 301 — Mark Ruban, Google Creative Certification”

“Job application — Senior IT Analyst — Mark Ruban, Microsoft Certified”

“Applying for Accountant — Mark Ruban, CPA”

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