how to email a resume

How to Email Resume

What’s the best way to email your resume for a better result? The key is to read the job description carefully. You will want to follow any instructions the HR/Employer gives you on emailing your resume. Here are few steps on how to sending a professional email.

If the job description asks you to email a resume, the employer may also include information about the email address you should send to, the subject line formatting, questions they want you to answer in the body of the email, file name, and more.

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1. Attach a file

Attach your resume in pdf format only, unless the employer specifically asks for some other format like Doc or txt

2. Write a brief, clear subject line

Use an effective subject line

3. Decide if you need a cover letter

4. Send from a professional email address

5. Conclude with a proper signature

6. Proofread and send a test email

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