Hobbies and Interests to Put on a Resume

A hobby is something we do for fun and joy, not for monetary profit or a professional career.
Interests are, on the other hand, subjects that interest you. You want to learn more about these subjects for your satisfaction and happiness.
So, What are some of the top hobbies and interests for cv?
Let us see!

When to Include Hobbies and Interests in Your Resume?

Nowadays, hiring managers are looking for applicants who can bring their unique value and energy to the work culture instead of candidates who are only good at their job.

Do some research about the company’s work culture and then tailor your hobbies and interests according to it.

However, if you are applying to a company that disapproves of interests not relevant to the job, make sure you skip this section.

How to List Your Interests in a Resume?

Create a separate section to list your hobbies and interests.
Here, you can mention 5-6 interests of yours.

Now, note down why you enjoy that particular hobby. Be as specific as possible to make your reasons unique.

Avoid including hobbies that are similar to the job position. You don’t want to write coding as a hobby when you are applying for a software developer position.

Top Hobbies and Interests You Can Put in Resume

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  1. Sports
    It doesn’t matter what kind of sports you play. All of them teach patience and inculcate self-discipline.

    Team sports are great examples to show you are a team player and also have good interpersonal skills.
  2. Blogging
    If you write blogs regularly, it not only shows your dedication and determination but also demonstrates your communication skills.
  3. Photography
    Photography is so much more than simply clicking photos. It shows your technical expertise and creative spirit.

    It portrays your skills to think in abstract terms and extract meaningful information from them.
  4. Art
    Creative skills are the essence of any kind of job. Without creativity, it is difficult to survive in any industry.

    Having a passion for art portrays your imaginative power and conceptual skills.
  5. Traveling
    Traveling shows you are always ready to step out of your comfort zone to discover something new.

    It demonstrates you can adapt to foreign environments quickly and have exceptional self-organization skills.

So, what are your hobbies and interests?

Think about it and put it in your resume if you have the right reasons.

Remember, you want your interests to match with the work culture and not to look unique.

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