Accounting Resume Skills: List of 9+ Examples

What are the skills that hiring managers prefer the most on an accounting resume?

We have listed 9 accounting skills that will help you impress your employers and land you more accounting job offers.

9 Skills For Your Accounting Resume

  1. Financial regulations
    Accountants need to stay up-to-date with the financial regulations followed by the country or the state they are working at.

    You can demonstrate you are well-versed with the tax code by indicating that you have worked with the latest changes in the code in your prior jobs.

    You can also list the various types of tax reports you can file or have filed without having caused an audit.
  2. Reporting principles and standards
    As an accountant, you should have a basic understanding of the industry reporting standards.

    You should be able to read, understand, and prepare financial statements while abiding by procedures like:

    a) Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP)
    b) International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    c) Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
  3. Accounting processes
    Include some basic accounting process skills under the skills section of your resume like:

    a) Preparing Financial Reports
    b) Forecasting Budgets
    c) Payroll Processing
    d) Auditing
    e) Facilitated Risk Analysis Process
  4. General business knowledge
    Accountants are needed in every business and not just the financial industry.

    Having general business knowledge will ensure you can work in any industry and any organization of your choice.

    If you do have any business-related certificates or have done any relevant courses, do not hesitate to list them in your accounting resume.
  5. Software proficiency
    As an accountant, you need to be comfortable with using software for managing accounts and payroll processing.

    You should have basic software skills like creating and maintaining spreadsheets.

    List the relevant software programs you have used or know in your accounting resume.
  6. Data analysis
    Accountants are responsible for analyzing financial data to generate financial reports and verifying estimated budgets.

    Your analytical skills can include:
    a) Fixing inaccuracies in data
    b) Performing risk assessments
    c) Evaluating budgets
    d) Reducing taxes to be paid
  7. Customer service
    In addition to accounting knowledge, you must also possess exceptional customer service skills.

    Being an accountant, you need to attract clients for your company and make sure they will stick with your company for their future requests too.

    Some key customer skills you can include in your accounting resume are:
    a) Politeness
    b) Language Proficiency
    c) Patience
    d) Confidence
    e) Upselling
  8. Communication skills
    To be a successful accountant, you need to have strong communication skills.

    You should be able to explain complex accounting terms to your customers and collaborate effectively with your managers and colleagues.
  9. Critical thinking
    Accountants need to analyze and evaluate the financial data to understand the consequences of a particular action.

    Having strong critical thinking skills will help you to accurately evaluate reports and apply accounting measures to identify and solve accounting problems.

    You can mention prior work experiences where your critical thinking helped you identify solutions to any financial problems like errors in budget estimation, non-payments, etc.

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