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7 Important Bartender Resume Skills

Wondering which skills you can include in your bartender resume?

Well, here are 7 top bartender skills you should include in your resume. 

7 Skills For Bartender Resume

  1. Mixology skills
    A bartender needs to have exceptional knowledge of drinks and a proper understanding of preparing blends.

    Mention your bartending certificates or licenses on your resume as proof of your bartending skills.

    The hiring managers will look for mixology skills like alcohol appreciation, staying up-to-date with the latest trends in bartending, pairing suitable food with drinks, and so on.
  2. Communication skills
    Bartenders do not prepare drinks inside the kitchen. They need to do so while making the customers feel important.

    As a bartender, you will spend most of your time talking to the customers, which is why strong verbal communication skills are an essential quality of a successful bartender.

    The hiring managers will be interested if you can communicate properly with both the customers and your co-workers to get the job done.
  3. Flexibility
    Another important quality hiring managers look for in a bartender’s resume is flexibility.

    Being a bartender means you are comfortable with doing additional tasks along with preparing drinks. You may be needed for washing utensils, waiting tables, cleaning your workspace, etc.

    Bartenders also need to be flexible with working hours as they may be called for night shifts and weekends.
  4. Customer service skills
    Bartenders need to look after their customers while managing their own tasks.

    They are the face of the bar or restaurant and thus are responsible for maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

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    Hiring managers will be looking for the same in your bartending resume.

    Try to demonstrate your customer service skills through your prior working experiences.
  5. Good memory
    A bartender needs to have a good memory.

    Bartenders should remember not only the ingredients of the drinks they make but also the names and faces of the customers they are serving to.
  6. Teamwork
    Running a restaurant or any dining service is teamwork and not a solo game.

    Working as a bartender, you need to communicate with the waiters and the kitchen staff to run the place smoothly.

    You also need to collaborate with other bartenders to quickly and efficiently prepare the requests of your customers.
  7. Point-of-sale skills
    Bartenders also need to help with processing the payments of the customers.

    Hence, they need to be comfortable with using point-to-sale equipment and software.

    You can mention the equipment and software you are familiar with under the skills section or include them while describing your prior work experiences.

    Bartenders ought to possess basic math skills to process both cash and credit payments.

    They also need to portray they are trustworthy and honest and thus can be entrusted with processing the payments.

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