Read these tips before putting your GPA on a Resume

You can include your GPA on your resume if it is high enough.

But first of all, what is considered a high GPA?  Or, do you always need to include your GPA if it is high? Finally, are the hiring managers even interested in your GPA? 

Read this article to find out everything you should know before putting your GPA on your resume.

Is your GPA necessary on a Resume?

The answer is No. Putting your GPA on your resume is mostly a choice. Unless the job description explicitly asks you to, you may leave out your GPA from the resume. 

Can you include your Major GPA instead of your overall GPA?

Yes, you can. If the GPA for your major is more impressive than your overall GPA, then it is okay to include it. If both your Major GPA and overall GPA are impressive, then you can even include both of them. For Example

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, 2018
ABC University, XYZ City
Overall GPA – 3.67 | Major GPA – 3.8

When to Put Your GPA on Your Resume?

There is no hard and fast rule you need to follow while including your GPA. However, there are situations when your GPA can prove to be an asset.

  1. When your GPA is 3.5 or higher
    On a 4-point scale, when your GPA is 3.5 or higher, it is considered an achievement in itself. 

    Can I round up my GPA on my Resume? – No, you can not.
    Just put your GPA the way it is, neither round it up nor down. You will be required to put in your academic certificates later in the recruitment process. As such, any discrepancy in your GPA will require an explanation from your side.

    So, unless your GPA is on the high side, it is better to leave it off your resume. 
  2. When you are a recent graduate
    If you have graduated in the last 2-3 years, your GPA becomes something of extreme value. Your GPA in this case can be taken as a measure of your skills, your dedication, and your work ethic.   
  3. When the job description specifically mentions it
    If the job description or your hiking managers explicitly ask for your GPA, make sure to put it in your resume whether or not it is high enough.  

Where to Include GPA on a Resume?

Put it in the Education section

Having zero or limited working experience makes your Education details more relevant. Hence, including your GPA alongside your educational details is your best choice.

Include your degree, school name, year of graduation, the usual way you list your Education on your Resume. And then mention the word ‘GPA’ along with the grade point under it.

For Example:

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, 2018
ABC University, XYZ City
GPA – 3.67

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Put it under Achievements and Accomplishments

When you are a seasoned professional, you might not create a separate section for your educational details. In those cases, you can put your GPA under the Achievements section.

Mention your university name, major, and your GPA.

For Example:

  • Member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)
  • Graduated from ABC University in English Literature with a GPA of 3.67 

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