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Most Common Jobs in America – Job in the USA

Here is a list of the most common jobs in America(USA) to apply for:

Cashier Job

Average Salary of a Cashier: $ 10.80 per hour
Main Responsibilities of a Cashier: A cashier works in a retail setting, processing transactions for customer purchases. Cashiers help customers find the products they are looking for and package groceries for customers

Food Preparation Worker

Average Salary of a Food Preparation Worker: $ 11.40 per hour.
Main tasks of a Food Preparation Worker: A food preparation employee cleans the kitchen area in restaurants. They weigh, measure, and cut the ingredients needed for the meals on the restaurant’s menu. Food prep workers monitor the temperature of the food storage areas and refill the restaurant’s salad bar.

Caretaker Job

Average Salary of a Caretaker: $ 11.60 per hour. A caretaker cleans the room he works in, e.g. B. a bathroom or a hallway. They lock doors, take out trash and recycle, and fix toilets and appliances.

Bartender Job

Average Salary of a Bartender: $ 11.60 per hour

Main Duties of a Bartender: A bartender creates and serves alcoholic beverages to guests in a bar or restaurant. You talk to customers, understand what drinks they like and refill bar items.


Average Salary of waiter in USA: $ 11.70 per hour

Duties & Responsibilities of a waiter: A server, also known as a waiter or waitress, records food and drink orders. They pass on customer orders to the chef. They serve meals to customers and answer any additional questions customers may have for them. Conserves clean dining areas as soon as a customer leaves the restaurant.

Retail Employee

Average Salary of a retail employee: $ 12.20 per hour

Main responsibilities of a retail employee: A retail employee sells customer products and – Services. They answer questions from customers, communicate current promotions, and suggest solutions to problems customers face.

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Warehouse Worker

Average Salary of a Warehouse Worker: $ 12.70 per hour

A warehouse worker or warehouse manager unpacks goods as soon as they arrive at the warehouse. They check the goods for exact labeling and any damage during shipping. They update the inventory records to see if the warehouse needs more units of a product.

Customer Service Representative

Average Salary of a Customer Service Representative: $ 13.40 per hour

A Customer Service Representative talks to customers and informs them about the products and products of their company’s services. They authorize purchases, handle complaints, and handle product returns.

Administrative Assistant

Average National Salary: $ 14.80 per hour

Main Duties: Administrative assistants oversee the management of executives’ calendars and travel preparations. You create presentations based on industry research and order office supplies for employees.

Line supervisor

National average salary: $ 15.00 per hour

Main tasks: A line supervisor, officially known as “Frontline supervisor”, gives direction to manufacturing employees Supervisors oversee the execution of the production process defined by project managers and engineers.

Medical assistant

National average salary: $ 15.30 per hour

Primary duties: A medical assistant schedules patients’ appointments and greets them once they arrive at a medical facility. blood, administer vaccines if a patient needs them, and provide instructions to patients about their medical procedures.

Construction worker

National average salary: $ 15. 50 per hour

Main tasks: A construction worker tests equipment and operates machines that are used on a construction site. They transport consumables to different locations and can cut materials to meet specifications for their projects. Read More: Learn About Building Worker


Average Salary: $ 18.00 Per Hour

Main duties: An accountant records a company’s expenses and income and sends invoices to customers for payment. They use accounting software to generate reports and identify an organization’s financial status.


Average National Salary: $ 20.20 per hour

Main Duties: A Mechanic uses auto parts such as oil filter wrenches, spark plugs, and tire pressure gauges to check the condition of a vehicle. They talk to customers about repair costs and carry out repairs on engines, transmissions, and air conditioning systems.


National average salary: $ 21.60 per hour

Main tasks: A carpenter builds and repairs building structures, and he selects the materials for the structure it builds. He uses tools to install a building’s frame or appliances such as bathtubs, showers, and kitchen cabinets.


Average salary national: $ 26.40 per hour

Main Duties: An electrician maintains and repairs Electrical wiring inside a building and uses blueprints to install new wiring. They connect wires to circuit breakers and troubleshoot problems with the equipment they use for repairs.

Registered nurse

average salary of a nurse in america: $ 33. 30 per hour

Basic duties: Registered nurse works with doctors to treat patients Perform physical examinations, assess patient symptoms and perform tests based on symptoms, discuss the patient diagnosis and provide emotional support when needed.

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Marketing Specialist

Average Salary: $ 51,600 per year

Core Responsibilities: Marketing Specialist develops marketing campaigns for the company by managing social media accounts Professionals work with the company’s sales staff to adjusting sales and promotional campaigns and researching competition on the company’s market.

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Police Officer

Average Salary of Police Officer in USA: $ 53,040 per year

Basic Responsibilities: A police officer reacts to and investigates emergencies in his community. He collects evidence and arrests sisters. They communicate with witnesses and interview potential suspects to make sure that their statements are consistent with the evidence.

Truck Driver

Average Salary of a Truck Driver: $ 59,900 per year

Main Responsibilities: A truck driver transports products to retail and distribution locations near him Travel time and accountability for the Respect Shipping Deadlines.

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Operations Manager

Salary of an Operations Manager: $ 70,800 per year

Main Responsibilities: An operations manager creates recruitment procedures and training benchmarks for new hires. You study company processes to improve the performance and quality of work of employees


Salary of an Attoney: $ 74,400 per year

Main Responsibilities: A lawyer consults individuals and corporations in the legal process. They will work with a paralegal to provide information relevant to their case and serve as legal representation in court and other legal proceedings.

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Software Developer

Average Salary of a Software Developer in USA: $ 93,000 per year

Primary Duties: Software developers generate applications to assist users with tasks. Developers can create software for users to perform tasks like tracking marketing campaign performance or playing a game on their computer Make changes to existing software and send reports to the manager on its progress.

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