Resume objective example

What is a good objective for a resume?

You may have come across the term ‘Resume Objective’ while searching for tips on writing your resume. You may have also read some people claiming that they are outdated and they offer no benefits if your resume itself is not good enough. 

However, in this case, your resume objective is simply not compelling enough for the hiring managers to take notice of. A well-crafted resume objective will help you set yourself apart from other candidates which in turn will increase your chance of getting the job.  

This article will discuss in length and give you tips on how to write an effective resume objective.

What do you mean by a Resume Objective

Firstly, one must understand what a Resume objective is. In simple terms, it is a one or two-sentence overview that you write at the top of your resume to introduce yourself professionally. 

It is an opportunity to talk about your professional goals, skills, or experience that will let your employer know that you are suitable for the position.

What to include in a Resume Objective

There is no explicit rule as to what you can include in a resume objective as long as it aligns with the job position. 

You may include your previous experiences that are relevant to the position or acquired skills that will give you an edge over other applicants. 

You may also talk about past achievements that will make you stand out or the kinds of accomplishments you hope to achieve in the role you are applying for. 

Try to write a meaningful objective to ensure the hiring managers continue reading your resume.

Why use a Resume Objective

It is one of the best ways to get the attention of the hiring managers. Also, in some particular cases, including an objective in a resume is extremely helpful.

  • When you are a fresh graduate and have little or no experience, writing an objective will help the employers understand your career goals and plans better.
  • When you are applying for a role in a completely different industry or domain, there is no better place to mention why you are seeking the desired change.

Tips to Write an Effective Resume Objective

  • Be concise

A good resume objective should include all the necessary information in as few words as possible. Writing a clear and to the point objective will keep the hiring managers engaged.

  • Match your career objective with the job’s objective

It is better to write about only those goals and skills that the job expects from you. Writing about career aspirations that are not possible in the job role will create a negative impression on the employers.

  • Use of keywords in resume objective

Make sure to use specific keywords from the job listing or job description. This not only ensures that your resume gets picked in an automated resume tracking system but also tells the employers that your experience and skills match with the job description.

  • Provide specific and relevant information 

Do not forget to customize your resume objective for different job opportunities. Including specific details for the job role that you are applying for, will help convince the employers that you are seriously interested in the role.

  • Emphasize why you are the ideal candidate

It is another essential point that you should remember. A good objective for a resume should emphasize how you can be valuable to the company. Mention your previous achievements or your particular skills that will help you to add value to the company.

Sample Resume Objectives

  • I am a highly motivated recent business school graduate seeking a full-time position in consultancy where I can use my communication skills and knowledge of market analytics to help your company grow
  • Seeking a position as a customer service manager where I can apply my five years of customer service experience and management skills to improve customer satisfaction
  • 10+ years of experience in IT with a strong grasp on Iaas and Saas Cloud Computing fundamentals and experience in designing and implementing solutions 

Read more Resume Objective examples

While a good objective is only one or two sentences long, it is the easiest way to make yourself memorable to the hiring managers and get one step closer to your goal.

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