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For college graduates, what skills they put in their resume matters a lot, as they have less and sometimes no work experience at all. That is why, they need to include the top skills to get themselves hired for the job.

Top Skills Every Employer Wants From a College Grad

  1. Communication

Communication skills, both verbal and written, are a necessity in almost every field of work. And, this is also one of the basic skills that every company wants in their employees. The ability to communicate and express yourself better is a much sought-after skill. As a college graduate, who doesn’t have that much experience to show, this skill is a must.

  1. Teamwork

When you want to work for a company, most of the times you are assigned to a team. And, if you are someone who cannot perform well in teams even though you are great while alone, they will choose someone else over you. Basically, you need to perform well in teams if you want a job as a college graduate.

  1. Leadership

This is one of the top skills that set you apart from the rest. Not everyone can be a leader, not everyone is suited for it. How you guide your fellow team members towards the goal is an important aspect towards the success of the company. Hence, this skill is considered crucial by the recruiters.

  1. Time Management

Again, if you are capable of doing all the work given to you, but you cannot complete it before the deadline, then nobody will want you in their company. If you cannot meet the deadline, you cannot satisfy the client which will lead to zero profit for the company. Hence, having this skill is also very important.

  1. Computer Skills

Every recruiter wants you to have knowledge of basic computer skills, like MS Office. Knowing this skill doesn’t give you an upper hand, but not knowing this definitely ruin all your chances of getting hired.


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