Skills Not to Use in Your Resume

While writing a resume, there are some skills you need to avoid including in your resume. Like, for example, you should include only the relevant ones for the job you are applying for, not every skill that you have got. Basically, you need to carefully choose the significant ones and put them in your resume. For the rest of the skills, just keep them to yourself.


What Skills To Avoid Including In Your Resume


 1. Skills You Don’t Actually Have 

You may be under the impression that lying in your resume is okay. Well, you are wrong. There is a limit to everything and including skills that you actually do not possess in your resume is not okay at all. If you do not have the skill required for a job position, do not apply for it. Because, it will backfire on you either during the interview or during the job period. A negative impression will be created in their minds and your reputation will be at stake. So, only include those which you have actually got.


2.  Irrelevant Ones

Any skill. that is not relevant to the job position you are applying for, need not get to be included in your resume. They only increase the number of words and decrease the white spaces in the resume, making it harder to read. Any insignificant skill needs to be removed from your resume. The recruiters do not have a lot of time to review your resume, and if they find useless information, they will just skip it without carefully reading it.


 3. Basic Skills Everyone Should Have

Do not waste your time or the recruiter’s time using common words. There is no need to mention the skills every job applicant should have. For example, do not list things like MS Office as a skill of yours.


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