Skills to Include In Your Resume

While hard skills or technical skills are a must for an IT (Information Technology) job, soft skills also prove to be equally important for a job in this sector. Basically, you need to present a combination of your technical and interpersonal skills in your resume to get selected for the job.

Since you cannot go on writing about all the skills you have, it is best to include the top IT skills in your resume.

Also, you need to keep in mind the job’s description and include the required IT skills accordingly.

Top 5 Skills

  1. Communication

Both verbal and written communication skills are essential for an IT professional. They need to express their ideas and explain the technical processes in easy and simple words. Also, they need to write a lot of proposals, presentations and emails and hence require written skills too.

  1. Listening

Being an IT professional, having communication skill is not enough. They need to listen to others too to communicate better. If you do not know or understand what exactly does you client wants, then you cannot succeed in this field. So, this another important skill.

  1. Leadership

One of the important skills requires almost for every job position. How you lead your team towards the goal is very crucial in cases of deadlines and all. Thus, leadership qualities are beneficial for your employers.

  1. Teamwork

Again, one of the skills requires in every field. Also, IT projects are given to a team rather than a single individual. Hence, how you work in a team matters a lot in this profession. You need to adapt and perform well in a team.

  1. Creativity

IT professionals face a lot of unpredictable problems. That is why, if you are not creative enough to solve the problems, the recruiters would not find you suited for the job.

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