Resume Based Questions in Interviews

Let us start by looking at the most common question of all

Tell me a little about yourself.

It is one of the first questions you are likely to be asked. Try to answer it without giving too little or too much information. Although stay true to facts that you’ve mentioned in your resume. You can share some of your personal information including your hobbies and interest along with other important things like your skills etc. in such a way that reflects you. But make sure you don’t end up giving him the history of your life.

Next most likely question to be asked by the recruiter can be,

The reason why are you letting go of your previous company?

This can become a tricky question even for most confident candidates. Key for answering this question is be honest whatever the reason may be. Next never bad mouth the company or person(s) or any related reason for which you ket the company let you go. Moreover try to give the reasons in a positive sense like,  you’d like to work in a more team-oriented environment etc. And most importantly try to keep it short while focusing on your new opportunity.

Elaborate about the objectives you’ve written in your resume.

The interviewer may ask you specifically about the objectives you’ve written in your resume. They may even ask you about the reason for a specific objective which you’ve written in your resume. Furthermore, they can ask you for your professional goals or your future plans in their company. By this, they also want to know whether your personal objectives align with the objectives of their company. So, make sure you’ve done your research right and are prepared to answer their questions.

History about any of your previous jobs or Experiences.

The interviewer asks about your previous jobs to know about your performance and see whether you are suitable for the job position or not. Make sure you tell him/her about all those about which you’ve written in your resume. Neither more nor less, else it can lead to a problem. Also only write about those experiences in your resume about which you want the interviewer to know and state about same in the interview, if asked. You can also describe your previous accomplishments and duties which relate to your current job offer. Keep in mind he wants to check whether you have the required skills for the job. So make sure you answer accordingly.

Reason for the gap between any two jobs.

Answer such questions honestly whatever the reason may be whether due to sickness, any personal reason, or even if you couldn’t find work during that period. But you need to make sure you tell the interviewer what you had been doing in that time instead of telling him what you hadn’t been doing then. It will have a positive impact on him. Don’t give him the impression that you’ve been that time fooling around. Instead, tell convince him how this break was beneficial for you personally and professionally.

The key thing during answering such resume based questions is maintaining a link between your resume and the opportunity. Therefore if you want to excel make sure you know what you’ve written in your resume and have done your additional research too. Answer questions with confidence even if you are a bit unsure and nervous. Don’t ramble your answers and don’t contradict what you’ve written in your resume in any case.

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