Chronological Resume-Everything You Need To Know

Chronological Resume format is one of the three most popular resume formats used by job applicants. Also known as reverse-chronological resume, this format being the most conventional one, is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of resume writing. Though it is not the perfect format for all job seekers, but it is the most sought-after one.


What to include in a Chronological Resume

  1. Contact Information
  2. Professional Summary
  3. Title
  4. Work Experience
  5. Skills
  6. Education
  7. Additional Information


How a Chronological Resume is different from others

This format makes itself unique by giving its utmost attention to the employment history. A chronological resume is quite effective as it gives the recruiters a clear view of your progress so far.

All the experiences of the individual are listed in reverse order, that is, from the most recent to the oldest. You even need to include the starting and ending dates or the duration for the specific work experience. Also, you need to include your achievements at your former workplaces, as this is the most prioritized section in the resume.

But, you must remember that this format also highlights the inconsistency in your job life, if any. And, also not to forget backfires on you, if you don’t have any major experiences or achievements. So, it is not used by entry-level candidates or those who want to put more emphasis on skills not experiences.

In short, a chronological resume is the best choice for those job applicants who have a solid and consistent employment history. Otherwise you may use a functional or combination resume.


Its Advantages

  • Emphasis on work history
  • Preferred by recruiters
  • Clearly shows the companies and the length of time you worked for
  • Concise view of your achievements


Its Disadvantages 

  • Doesn’t highlight skills
  • Shows the gaps in your employment history
  • Reveals how frequently you have been changing jobs


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