Job Change reason interview

Best Answer for Reason for Job Change in Job Interview

What were the reasons for leaving your last job? 

Or, why are you looking for a different opportunity? 

Yes, unless you are a fresh graduate, you will probably be asked the same question. Therefore, make sure you have prepared an answer for the same. 

In this article, we will discuss on

  • What the interviewer wants to know by asking why did you leave your last job
  • What kind of reasons are acceptable for leaving a job
  • What should you refrain from mentioning in your answer
  • Best reason for leaving a job – Some sample answers for leaving a job

Why Interviewers Ask Reasons for Leaving a Job? 

One of the main reasons the interviewer asks such a question is to understand what kind of an employee you are. It is one of the most common behavioral questions asked to see whether you are fit for the company or not.

They want to know how you are as an employee:

  • Whether you are a chronic job-hopper who cannot stick to one company, or you always had a good reason for leaving your job.
  • Can you leave on good terms with others, or do you always run away from responsibilities?
  • Do you have a sense of obligation, or will you leave the moment you get a better opportunity at a different place.

Regardless of what the actual reason was, you do not want the interviewer to consider you in a negative light. You do not have to lie. However, it will be best for you to avoid any negative comments about your previous jobs.

What Reasons Are Considered Acceptable for Leaving Your Job?

Here are some reasons which are perfectly acceptable for leaving a job.

  • Family or personal reasons made you quit
  • You wanted a job with better benefits and compensation
  • Your previous role did not offer any opportunities for professional growth
  • You wanted to switch to a different industry
  • You moved to a different city
  • You want to go after a new challenge
  • You were laid off
  • Your company went out of business
  • Your contact was terminated

As long as you show your passion and resolution for the role you are applying for, the reason why you left your previous job won’t matter.

A perfect answer should show that you:

  • Value the work
  • Learned things from the previous roles
  • Are changing jobs for better opportunities
  • Have a sense of responsibility 
  • And, have no hard feelings towards your last job

What Should You Avoid Telling Your Interviewers?

No employer wants a chronic job-hopper or someone who does not value the work they are doing. So, while preparing your answers, do avoid the following:

  • Saying negative comments about your previous job or employer
  • Going into a detailed story
  • Playing the victim
  • Disregarding the work or the job itself
  • Sounding undetermined or wishy-washy
  • Lying

Sample Answers to – Reasons for Leaving a Job

These are some sample answers to – “Why did you leave your previous job?”. The best reasons for leaving a job

  • Although I have learned a lot in my current job, I am looking for an opportunity to pursue new challenges to develop and expand my skill set.
  • I love my role and do my best at my current job. But I can see that this position will allow me to collaborate on cross-functional teams to develop innovative applications and hone my management skills, which is why this position is a better fit for me.
  • Unfortunately, I was laid off at my previous job. I was working for XYZ Company when it announced its merger with a big corporation. I worked as an HR and did administration work, but after the merger, my role became redundant and I was finally laid-off. Now, I have realized how much I loved my work, and hence when I saw this opportunity, I was eager to work here.

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