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Reason for Job Change – Best Answers

The reason for job change is a common question in interviews. It is important to be prepared for this question and to have a good response ready. The interviewer will be looking for indications of why you are leaving your old job and how you see your new role in the company.

There are many reasons that people leave their jobs, but there are some things that you should avoid saying or doing when answering this question. You should not talk about other coworkers or bosses, because it can make the interviewer feel uncomfortable or angry with your old company. You should also avoid mentioning salary because it can make them think that you were unsatisfied with the money offered by the new company.

Here are some curated example answers which you can give during Job Interviews

Reason for leaving current job – # Best Example Answer

In my current position, I am leading a team of 16. To be honest I had a fantastic time and learned valuable skills such as resource management and client service. In each of the last three quarters, I have guided the team to outperform predicted targets by a significant margin. Because I believe I am ready to take on greater responsibility, I am now keen to oversee a larger team. My present company could grant me a promotion, but the team’s strength would remain the same, and the position you have open appears to be the obvious next step in my career. This is essentially why I am changing jobs. Working with your firm will allow me to achieve professional achievement.

Reason for Job Change – Example Answer #2

My interest in this field began during my college years. I admired my mentor and anticipated the day when I would be able to use my experience and knowledge to help others. Although I enjoyed my previous position, I am looking for a position where I can help others in my industry grow and develop. I’d like the chance to help a company grow by guiding and developing procedures, and I believe the position available will allow me to do so. This is an opportunity for me to stretch myself and grow as a leader while also assisting others in their development as professionals in our field.

Reason for Job Change – Example Answer #3

My present employer is going through a restructuring process, and my department will be laid off. The senior management advised me to search for other opportunities, and they have been really supportive throughout this 90-day transition time. I have a strong technical background and keep my abilities up to date by taking online courses and getting appropriate certifications. I’m currently wanting to broaden my customer base and diversify my profile. My present job has only 11 clients, although I am aware that your organization has more than 100+. For me, this is both a hard and intriguing proposition. I am eager to put my abilities and expertise to work for your company.

Reason for Job Change – Example Answer #4

I’ve spent a lot of time commuting to and from work. I enjoy what I do, but I believe that my efforts and time would be better used if I didn’t have to spend so much time going to and from work. I’d want to offer some of my finest work, and I’m eager to do it in a new setting that is closer to home and will allow me to arrive to work enthusiastic.

Reason for Job Change – Example Answer #5

Upward mobility and financial growth are the driving forces behind my job change. I’ve been with my current employer for four years and have learned a lot. I am grateful for my experience because it has instilled in me a strong work ethic and extensive industry knowledge. My work, on the other hand, is no longer challenging. Within the organisation, there are no new opportunities for me to advance. That said, I am eager to make this transition in order to stay on the right track. I’m looking forward to meeting and collaborating with industry thought leaders who are also members of your organization’s leadership team.

Reason for Job Change – Example Answer #6

After 15 months with my current company, I find my daily tasks to be monotonous. Despite the pleasant working environment, there is no room for skill development. I discussed it with my supervisor, and we tried to sell it to the bosses as a way to expand my responsibilities. However, given their business objectives for the next 18 months, it was not possible. This is the most genuine and compelling reason for changing jobs that I can think of right now. I intend to broaden my skill set by accepting the position offered by your company. It is a demanding position, but I believe I have a sufficient supply of energy and diligence to meet it.

Why do people change job?

  • There are many reasons for a person to change jobs. Some of them are:
  • The person may be unhappy with the work environment and wants to get out of the current job.
  • The person may be bored with the job or they might want to try something new.
  • The person may have gotten an offer from another company that pays more than their current company.
  • The person might not like their boss and want to get away from them.
  • Some people just want a change in their routine and they know that a different job will provide that for them.

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