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Most Popular Jobs in USA with Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), the following jobs are America’s most popular:

Retail Salespeople :

Total Jobs: 4.2 Million
Salary of Retail Salesperson in USA: $24,000 per annum
Skills : Great communication and customer service skills
Requirements: A high school diploma is preferred for entry-level positions.


Total Jobs of Cashiers: 3,439,380
Salary fo Cashiers: $19,030
Skills: Good customer-service and people skills
Job description fo Cashiers: Cashiers are responsible for working registers, monitoring cash drawers and taking payments at establishments that range from supermarkets and gas stations to retail stores and theme parks. Requirements: On-the-job training

Office clerks

Total jobs of Office Clerks: 2,815,240
Salary of Office Clerks in USA: $27,000
Job description of Office Clerks: Clerks spend their days filling a variety of roles in an office environment, from entering data to preparing mailings. An office clerk’s duties may vary daily, according to the needs of the company.

Combined food preparation and service workers

Total Jobs: 2,695,740
Salary of Service Workers: $18,000
Skills: excellent customer-service skills,
Job Description of Service Workers: The duties of a community services worker involve arranging community gatherings and helping clients. Additional responsibilities may include administering food banks, helping people obtain certain benefits and services, such as welfare, and aiding community members in accessing medical care.

Registered nurses

Total employment: 2.5 Million
Salary of Register nurse: $66,500
Job description: RNs provide treatment to patients in hospitals, outpatient facilities and doctors’ offices. Some provide home care to patients.

Waiters and waitresses

Total jobs: 2.3 Millions
Salary of Waiters: $20,000
Job description of Waiters: Waiters and waitresses take food orders, accept payment and provide menu information to restaurant customers.

Customer service representatives

Total jobs: 2.2 Millions
Salary of Customer service representatives: $32,000
Job Description of Customer service representatives: Customer service workers answer questions, provide information, fulfill customer requests and handle customer complaints. While many work in call centers, others are employed in retail stores or at banks.

Material movers

Total jobs: 2,135,790
Salary of Material movers in USA: $25,000
Job description of Material movers: This broad job category encompasses labourers that literally move materials. Think truck loaders, loading dock workers and baggage handlers.
Requirements: On-the-job training


Total jobs: 2.1 Millions
Salary of Janitors in USA: $24,000
Job Description of Janitors: Janitors are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in places like office buildings, museums, schools and hospitals.

Stock clerks and order fillers

Total Jobs of Stock Clerks in USA: 1,864,410
Salary of Stock Clerks in USA: $23,000
Stock clerks Job Description: Work in storage facilities, warehouses, and shipping and receiving departments, ensuring that orders are properly filled, stocked, priced and accounted for.


Total jobs: 1.8 Millions
Salary of Secretaries in USA: $31,000
Job Description of Secretaries: Secretaries (not including medical, legal and executive secretaries) provide administrative assistance to an office in the form of answering phones, greeting visitors, ordering catering services, proofreading, entering data, scanning and faxing documents, and more.

Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks

Total jobs: 1.8 Millions
Salary: $34,500
Responsibilities of Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks: Employees in these positions serve as a corporation’s record-keepers. Tasks include maintaining accounts payable and receivable, documenting and tracking budgets and preparing financial statements.

General managers

Total jobs: 1.7 Millions
Salary of General managers in USA: $110,000
General managers are the top executives of establishments and organisations like restaurants, hotels, amusement parks and sports teams. They are in charge of the businesses day-to-day operations and long-term goals.

Tractor-trailer truck drivers

Total jobs: 1,6 millions
Salary of Truck drivers in USA: $39,000
This category only includes those drivers who operate trucks with a capacity of more than 26,001 pounds. These drivers are responsible for the timely delivery of goods along routes that may cover multiple states.

Elementary school teachers

Total jobs: 1,544,300
Salary Elementary school teachers in USA: $53,000
Job description of Elementary school teachers: The category includes elementary school teachers except those that teach special education. Elementary school teachers are responsible for instructing students in kindergarten through fifth grade on a variety of subjects.

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