CORONAVIRUS effect on job search and video interview

CORONAVIRUS Effect On Your Job Search & How To Prepare for Video Interview

The job market has changed almost overnight due to Coronavirus outbreak and the future remains unpredictable, but what is certain is that how workers are recruited has changed — starting with the interview process.

In response to COVID-19, many companies such as Google, Twitter, Amazon, Target, Ford, Flipkart, Uber, Microsoft have switched over to video interviews for job candidates.

Due to COVID-19, HR teams will rely heavily on video interviewing, which will lead to new virtual interview platforms that cater to their organisation’s specific needs, whether that’s group interview or test assessment capabilities.

This tech transition brings new best practices that applicants need to consider during a video interview.

  • Make sure you present yourself well virtually. It’s not enough to just dress nicely, you want to demonstrate that you are adaptable in any environment.
  • Applicants need to consider how their body language comes across on screen, especially since being at home can lure them into a false sense of informality.
  • Place both feet on the ground, and avoid doing things like slouching or holding your head up with your hand.
  • Always try to keep your hands in your lap to avoid distracting gesturing or fiddling.
  • To make an eye contact with the recruiter look at the camera. Because looking at the interviewer’s face on your computer screen means you’re not actually looking into the camera and making eye contact. So its important to pay attention to where you are looking during the video interview”

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