How to write Career Change Cover Letter

If you are applying for a job in a different field, writing an effective cover letter is very important. While your resume will list your skills and experiences, your cover letter will convince the employer why you are suited for a career change. A well-written cover letter makes even your lacking work experience advantageous. So, for a career change, you need to write a strong cover letter.


What To Include


Every cover letter explains why you are qualified for the job position. But, a career change cover letter tells the employer why you are suited for a career change and how it will improve your performances even more.

First and foremost, emphasize on your transferable skills. Tell them you already possess the skills needed in the position you are applying for. Identify the skills necessary from the job posting and include them in your cover letter.

Remember that even though you are changing positions, you actually have real experience in the work field. Make that a plus point by telling them how you succeeded in your previous positions, what achievements you have made and how well you have made connections.

Lastly, express your passion for the job you are applying to. Make sure you research the company thoroughly before writing this. And convince them how excited you are to work for a company in a position you always dreamed of.


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