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10 Most Common Job interview questions and answers

Worried about your interview preparations? Don’t know what kind of questions they will be asking? Well, guess what! This might just be the best place for you to get those answers.

Start with getting prepared for the most common questions asked in an interview. Here are the ten most asked interview questions.

Tell me about Yourself.

It is no secret that this is one of the most asked questions in an interview. Still, so many applicants fail to prepare an appropriate answer. Do not tell them an overview of your resume. Put together reasons why you are the right fit for the role. Instead of simply mentioning your employment history and qualifications, construct a brief introduction talking about what you learned from those experiences and how that makes you perfect for the job.

Tell me about a conflict you faced at work and how did you resolve it?

No one is eager to talk about conflicts they faced while working in a particular job. However, if the interviewer directly asks you this question, never pretend that you had none. Not answering this question will create an impression that you are not prepared to take on demanding situations and hence not suitable for the work. Talk about any conflict you have faced in as few words as possible. And then share how you managed to resolve the issue. Emphasize more on how you dealt with the problem rather than the problem itself. 

What are your strengths?

Here, the interviewer is giving you a chance to talk about your abilities and positive traits. Remember, this is not the time to be humble. While you should also avoid being too overconfident, this is the perfect opportunity to pick one specific quality relevant to the job and explain how that quality makes you an ideal candidate.   

What are your weaknesses?

What the interviewer wants to know is whether you are aware of your weaknesses or not. And also learn about how you plan to improve them. So, do not hesitate while talking about your weaknesses. Give them examples of how you are working on your problems. 

How did you hear about this position?

Quite a common question. But one you can take full advantage of. It provides an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants and show your passion for the job.  Tell them your story, how you found out about the job and what part of it appealed to you the most.

Tell me about a time you made a mistake.

Nobody wants to talk about the time where they made a mistake. However, answering this question well will help you score a lot more points. Be honest about your mistake instead of blaming others. Try to explain what you learned from the event and what you did to make sure it did not happen a second time. Do not forget that the recruiters are looking for candidates who are aware of their mistakes and are willing to solve them.

Why should we hire you?

No need to worry. The interviewer is not asking you this question because your first impression was terrible. This might just be your lucky chance. You can talk about your skills and explain why you will be a great fit for the team. Tell them what you can bring to the company. 

Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership skills.

It is perfectly acceptable if you have no experience in being a team leader. Your interviewers want to know of any occasion where you led a particular project or took initiative for an event. Do not go into a detailed discussion. Try to tell them about the event, how you demonstrated your leadership skill, and finally what was the outcome.

Why are you leaving your current job?

If you are not a fresh graduate, you will probably be asked this question almost at every interview. Avoid any negative comments about your current job. Take this opportunity to talk more about the position you are applying for. What new opportunities you will get, or how the job is a better fit for you, or how the working environment appealed to you.

Do you have any questions for us?

Well, the interview is not only a place for the hiring managers to ask questions. Candidates too, get an opportunity to ask questions. You may ask about the kind of projects you will be working on, the skills they are looking for in an ideal candidate, or how a typical day at work looks like. It is smart to ask a question about the job to show that you are interested, and to ensure that the role is indeed a good fit for you.

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