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How to add Internship on a Resume With Examples

A relevant internship might be enough to set you apart from other candidates, and hence, knowing how you effectively include one is of immense importance.

Adding your internship experience to your resume is an obvious choice when you have little or zero professional experience that matches with the job profile. But how to list an internship on a resume? Or where should your internships be included on a resume? Are there situations where adding your internships can be worthless?

Well, this article discusses the same questions to help you list your internships in the best possible way.

Let us begin now.

When should you include Internships on a Resume?

If you have limited working experience, you can add your Internships to the resume. In situations like,

  • When you are a recent college graduate with little professional experience or you are a student with zero working experience, relevant internships on your resume are extremely valuable.
  • When you are making a career change, any previous relevant experience in the domain you will be working in will improve your chances by a good deal. 
  • When you have a prestigious internship from one of the top firms in that industry, including your internship experience makes complete sense.

However, there are cases when adding your internships is just not worth it. For example, when you already have 4-5 years of professional experience in the industry or if your internship role is not relevant to the position in which you are applying. Adding your internships in these situations will only waste your resume space.

Where to Include Internships on a Resume

When you do not have much relevant experience, your internships become as significant as other professional jobs. That is why you should always include your internships under the ‘Work Experience’ section.

If you have multiple internships that match with the job profile, you can create a new ‘Internship’ section and list them all here. Make sure to put this section above your ‘Education’ section. If your internships are more relevant, you can even put your ‘Internship’ section above the ‘Work Experience’ section.  

How to List an Internship

You can list your internships the same way you add your work experience.

  • Add the internship title or the position you worked.  Instead of only writing ‘Intern’ at the job title, specify the exact kind of work you did, such as a Data Analyst Intern or a Digital Marketing Intern.
  • Include the company name along with the location and the dates of the internship period. 
  • Add your relevant responsibilities and achievements in bullets under each internship experience.
  • Use short sentences starting with action words such as Developed, Designed, Applied, Collaborated, etc.
  • Highlight specific keywords that match with the job description and quantify your achievements; that is, use numbers whenever possible. 

Sample Internship Section 


Marketing Intern

ABC Ltd, New York

Oct 2019 – Jan 2020

  • Collaborated with a team of software engineers to design the UI in an efficient manner
  • Conducted surveys to collect data from customers and retailers to understand sentiments and requirements for MyABC App
  • Oversaw a targeted youth campaign and participated in outreach programs to improve adoption of MyABC App

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