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Australian Resume – Guide for writing an Australian Resume with examples

An Australian Resume should ideally be 3-4 pages long. While it should not exceed five pages, it should also not be a single-page resume. Australian recruiters are looking for a detailed overview of your professional life, and a single page is nowhere enough for that.

This article briefly elaborates on what the recruiters are looking for in your Australian Resume along with some examples for better understanding.

Let us start then.

Guide for writing an Australian Resume


Your headline should be written at the top of the resume just below your name. This is your tagline where you mention your specialisation or certifications using key terms used in the industry. It should be as few words as possible, not even a complete sentence. Make sure to match it with the job profile you are applying for.

For example, 

Henry Jones

Marketing Executive | Healthcare Management

Oliver Brown

IT Professional | Software Support | Testing     

Professional Profile

Unlike your headline which is essentially made of short phrases, your professional profile can be more detailed. Mostly, applicants talk about their qualifications or achievements to gain some advantage over other candidates.

For example, 

IT Professional with 5+ years of experience in Software Support. Eager to bring my C# and Java skills to support XYZ Organisation in delivering clean and robust code. Collaborated in more than 15 projects where I tested and debugged all the applications for smooth delivery.  

Your professional profile matters a lot to the recruiters, so use this space efficiently.

Employment Summary

Your employment summary comes right after your professional profile, and it is essential to add it to the first page of your resume. Here, you must include the job title, the company, and the dates of the employment period for all your previously held job positions. There is no need to add your roles and responsibilities at each job position; simply mention your employment history. 

For example,

Senior Data Analyst 2018 – Present                                 

ABC Organisation

Data Analyst 2012 – 2018

XYZ Company

Programming Analyst 2010 – 2012


Your recruiters are only interested in your last 10 years of work history, hence you do not have to mention anything before that. However, if you worked at one of the top firms or you had an impressive job role, you may include that one even if it was more than 10 years ago.

Responsibilities and Achievements

Finally, you have reached the perfect section to discuss your roles in detail. However, do remember that Australian recruiters neither prefer over-confident applicants nor prefer timid ones. Yes, it is best to strike a balance between these two cases. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Do not use First-Person References such as “I led a team” or “I assisted in the design”. Instead, use sentences that start with action words, such as “Provided leadership to a team” or “Offered assistance in the design”.
  • Similarly, do not use Third-Person References, like “Henry leads a team” or “Meryl assists in the design”.
  • Use Numbers to define achievements to make them seem more credible. Such as, “Conducted surveys to implement a targeted customer satisfaction strategy which resulted in a 40% increase in customer feedback scores”.   


Education is deemed as important as other sections on an Australian Resume, so no reason to skip it. Mention your university or your college along with the degree and your major. Though, it is not necessary to include your year of graduation or your education details that are not relevant for the position.

Additional Information

Apart from these, you may include your

  • Volunteering positions
  • Internship experiences
  • Professional memberships
  • Publications, or
  • Awards. 

What to not Include on your Resume

There are things you must not include on your Australian Resume. Let us see what these are.

  • Your Photograph – While some countries would like a headshot on top of your resume, no such thing is required on Australian resumes. Only if your photo is crucial for the job you are applying to, like a modeling or an acting role, you are allowed to include it.   
  • Your References – You will get another opportunity to provide your references later in the recruitment process. If you want, you may include “References available on request” on your resume. 

Some Formatting Tips

  • Keep your font styles clean and simple. Stick to the internationally accepted font styles.
  • Make sure your resume looks polished and has sufficient empty spaces to give it a tidy look.
  • Double-check your spelling to ensure you are using Australian English
  • Use A4-sized paper to print your resume. 
  • Do not use tables or graphs on your resume. Most companies use an automated Applicant Tracking System, and the use of images or tables can lead to confusion.

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