Volunteering Cover Letter

If you are applying for any volunteering position, including a cover letter with your resume gives you an upper hand. Your cover letter is a tool that helps you in creating a memorable and strong impression on the minds of the readers. A well written cover letter will definitely increase your chances of getting selected.


What To Include

While writing a cover letter for any volunteering position, use the usual or standard format. Start with your contact information and date at the top. Include the hiring manger’s information followed by the body of the letter. Sign off using a professional closing.

You should all the relevant experiences you have for the volunteer role you are applying to. If you do not have any relevant experience to share, mention academic or personal experiences relevant to the job. Also, discuss with them the reasons of this being the perfect role for you. And convince them that you are genuinely interested in the work.

You should also provide some reasoning as to why you are applying for the volunteer role. Tell them your motivation behind your application. Since, volunteering work is all about working voluntarily, you need to show them your excitement to work with them.




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