What to write in WhatsApp when sending a resume

3 quick & easy tips on how to write a professional message on your Whatsapp.

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Begin with a polite greeting

Whenever you ping an employer on Whatsapp (or on any other instant messaging platform), start your conversation with a polite “Hello” or “Hi

You’re smart 😀 you already know that stating upfront that you’ve applied for their job won’t create the best first impression. Instead after saying “Hello”, go ahead and ask them how they’re doing.

Keep a respectful tone of voice throughout your message.

Use full sentences

Your hiring manager doesn’t know you – yet (they soon will!). Whilst writing your message to them, use full and complete sentences so as to show them that you’re an ace at professional communication.

Proof-read your message

Check for correct spellings, use of punctuation and grammar. Don’t forget to capitalise your letters and add full stops at the end of your sentences. Paying attention to such tiny yet important things can make a world of a difference.

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