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What is the best font and font size for a resume?

When you have so many different options available to you, choosing one out of them becomes a difficult task. Most people face the same dilemma while choosing a font and a font size for their resume. Remember, the hiring managers only take a few seconds to read your resume, and you do not want to trouble them with a terrible font style and out-of-place font size. 

Then, how to choose the best font and font size for your resume? Well, this is exactly why we have prepared this article for you. This article will help you learn the common fonts used in a resume and a few tips to choose the best one available. 

Recommended Fonts for Resume

Here is a list of the most recommended fonts for a resume.

  • Times New Roman, 12 points in size
  • Cambria, 12 points in size
  • Calibri, 12 points in size
  • Arial, 11 points in size
  • Helvetica, 12 points in size
  • Georgia. 11.5 points in size

Tips for choosing the best font and font size

No matter what font and font size you end up choosing, make sure your resume looks polished and professional. Also, there are times when your resume will be checked through an automated Applicant Tracking System which might not understand intricate fonts. As such, avoid using complicated font styles. 

Let us go over some tips to help you choose the best font style for your resume.

  • Choose a font that is easy to read

You should always choose a clean font that is easy to read. An overly complicated resume font may look fashionable, but will only be hard for the eyes. The words would be difficult to figure out, and no hiring managers have that much time on their hands. In the most probable scenario, they will skip your resume. 

Remember, your main goal should be to increase readability, so using a simple font is always a good choice.

  • Use an appropriate size for that font

After choosing an appropriate font, make sure to select the font size accordingly. Generally, no matter what the font used, the size should be something between 10 and 12 points for normal text and between 13-16 points for headings and titles.

It is a good practice to start with the smallest font size (10 points) and then increase it if your resume still has enough space. However, do not make the font smaller just to fit your resume on a single page. Make sure your text is readable. 

  • Applying styling features to your font

Finally, to add some color to your resume, you can apply styling features like Bold, Italics, Underline, or a combination of these over your basic font. While your resume should have a consistent font, you can change the font size for section headers and titles. Also, you can use different styling options to emphasize the headings or specific keywords. 

However, remember to be consistent with your styling. For example, if you use Bold for one of the section headers, use it for every other section header present in your resume.

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