Typical Hard Skills to Put On a Resume

Hard Skills refer to the specific skills learned through education or any training. They are the technical skills and abilities needed for a specific job.

That is why, you need to include all the required hard skills in a resume for a specific job. Otherwise, getting selected becomes nearly impossible.

Getting jobs in the technical field, like jobs in the IT industry, require you to have hard skills. So, for your ready reference, some typical hard skills are listed below.


  1. Computer Technology

Having a grasp of modern computer technologies is one of the skills that job applicants must possess. Among them, one of the basic necessities is learning the basics of Microsoft Office. Similarly, understanding how social media works or having basic HTML knowledge are the general requirements for most of the companies.


  1. Data Analysis

You probably thought this skill was useless if you are not working under Finance department. This is not at all true. Various companies consider data analysis or the ability to analyse data to be a very crucial skill. Even if it is not the basic requirement for the job you are applying for, having the skills ensures you a better grade than others who don’t.


  1. Hard Marketing Skills

Marketing skills are not only categorized as soft skills, but also as some hard marketing skills. Hard marketing skills involve skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). These skills have become highly sought after in the recent few years. Hence, putting them in your resume gives you an upper hand in the selection process. Because let’s just be honest who doesn’t want to have success in marketing.


  1. Hard Communication Skills

To apply for a job you need to acquire some hard communication skills . Effectively portraying them will set you apart from the rest. They include skills like Foreign Languages and Copy-writing.


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