Things Every Resume Should Include

No matter what type of a job you are applying for, there are some basic elements every resume should contain. You should always include these things in your resume.

  1. Contact Information

You may feel there is no need to explicitly mention this. It is a given that every resume should have your contact information. But, after writing tons about skills and work experiences, applicants tend to forget to write this fundamental element. So, you need to check thoroughly if you have provided correct information or not.

Include your full name along with your full address, phone number, and email id. Also, you may include links to your professional websites, like LinkedIn or your blog. Do use a professional email address, rather than something like

  1. Professional Summary and Title

Every resume needs to have a title to make it clear what job profile you are asking for. Your summary along with the title should tell the recruiters what your goals are clearly. Be very specific and write to the point in this section. This will make you look professional and convince them that you are needed for the job. That is why it is essential for you to include this section in your resume.

  1. Keywords from Job Posting

This is one of the aspects that people usually overlook while getting busy writing a perfect resume. The recruiters want to see a specific set of words in your resume, which they often include in their job postings. You need to carefully add the words, which are used most in these postings, without making it obvious.

  1. Achievements

Any achievements or awards of yours are of great importance and must be included in every resume. They tell the recruiters what you have done to contribute to the success of your team or department. Your accomplishments tell others what your strengths are, making them a significant part in the process of getting selected.


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