Resume Sections You Didn’t Know You Could Include

Sticking to the conservative method while writing a resume is good. But we tend to forget that there are some other resume sections we can include. Little variations from the usual formats display your sense of design and portray your creative skills.

Resume sections that you may forget to add


Volunteer Work

Majority of the job applicants consider this resume section to be useless and of significance. Now, this is an incorrect opinion. In reality, volunteer work is equally important like any internship or training done by you. In case of a long-term volunteer work or some work done for a reputed cause or organisation, it can even be listed under the work experience section along with your achievements during that time.

Basically, this depicts your project management abilities. And, if you lead the project from the beginning to the end, it can show your leadership qualities too. Again, the hard skills you develop during this period are a plus point and can be mentioned in your resume.


Relevant Hobbies and Interests

Another one of the resume sections you will probably miss out while writing one. Generally, we all have a confusion whether to include this section or not in our resumes. Well, the thing is if they have any relevance, directly or indirectly, then why not include them.

Hobbies and interests can tell the recruiters a lot about you. For example, writing photography as a hobby indicates you can help the design team. You become more significant to them than the ones who do not have this skill. Also, any other relevant activities and your professional interests tell them about your qualities. They might tell that you are creative or a hard worker or have the patience or something else. All of these qualities increase your chances of selection for the interview.


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