Resume format types and which format to use for a resume?

All you need to know about resume format:

Resumes are advertisements for your capabilities. In such case, you need to be really careful about the resume formats you set for yourself before commencing the resume writing procedure. Corresponding to the job you are targeting, the resume format will be changed.

The four important standardized formats are enumerated :

  • Chronological:

Chronological resumes are basically categorizing the work experience that you have attained in a chronological order. The most recent experiences at the upfront which is feasible for recruiters to have a quick snap at the history and the present workplace.

  • Combination Resume

Combination resume format is an outlay of the combination of your work experience and skills. It can tell a lot about your personality and outlook assuring the recruiters to comprehend a potential story of your background skills.

  • Functional Resume:

Unlike the above two formats, functional resume format focusses on your skills and work experience more. In this type of format, the date of the work experience is seconded and the main focus is given on skills. Employee details are also seconded.

  • Targeted Resume:

Targeted resume format are focused on the specified job category you are searching for. It customizes your resume on the basis of the job criteria highlighting the educational qualifications, work experience, skills designed as per the required job standards.

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