Resume sample picker and Packer

Picker And Packer Resume Example, Duties & Responsibilities

Picker and packer is a growing job profile across the globe as the logistic is expanding. Making a good resume for picker and packer job profile is mandatory to get your career started. This article includes resume sample and responsibilities of a picker and packer

Resume example of duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted in the reorganization of products in the warehouse
  • Checked picked orders, selected proper box size, packed, and prepared for shipping
  • Responsible for ensuring the proper rotation of stock; conducted stock room maintenance
  • Reviewed and analyzed records of incoming and outgoing deliveries for count and condition
  • Receive shipment and check for damaged and/or missing items from order
  • Document order and shipment number using Microsoft Excel in database
  • Managed the warehouse inventory and package goods as part of the supply chain staff
  • As a part of the warehouse staff worked in conjunction with other supply chain management professionals
  • Worked in the retail sector assisting with the distribution of retail goods
Resume example Picker and packer
Resume Sample Picker and Packer

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