Professional Resume Bullet Points that converts

Impress dream employers with great bullet points in your Resume

Your Resume is your entry ticket for an interview with your dream employer. You would be competing against many other candidates just like you and therefore your CV/Resume needs to stand out, in a good way!

Ideally, your CV should demonstrate the impact you have had in your previous roles and should articulate your transferable rather than your technical skill set.

Here’s what makes some Great bullet points:

  • Start with an action verb in the past tense.
  • Describe what was achieved including specific tasks and duties along with the results/impact of the work undertaken.
  • Quantified the achievements in numbers wherever possible.
  • Should be 1 continuous sentence of 1.5 – 2 lines long.
  • Help the recruiter to understand if you were good at your job, articulate the impact you made, explain who you influenced or interacted with.
  • Use the Challenge, Action, Results (CAR) format with a particular focus on the ‘A’ or Action i.e. what
    you actually did and then condense your example to a concise bullet.
  • Indicate the speed of your progression.
  • Are relevant for the job at hand, showing evidence of direct experience or specifying transferable skills.
  • Are not filled with technical role specific jargon

How many bullets should be included under each job?

  • Your CV/resume should have between 12-15 bullet points in total in your business experience section
  • On average 3 – 4 bullets per role is sufficient. Beyond that, your employer might lose interest.
  • While you may not have achieved promotions or changes of title in your role, try to identify a sensible structure that shows your progression e.g. projects managed/people leadership responsibilities in your roles.

How do I make sure that my story is coming across?

  • Remember that everyone likes a good story. Each bullet should add to your story – try not to duplicate one or two skill sets but show a range of relevant skills.
  • Think & Analyse your CV/Resume as a whole as well as by looking at each bullet. See that overall story is being communicated in your bullet points.

Our AI assisted Resume Builder gives you high-level guidance on how to prepare a CV/Resume. Within a short span of time, you will have a great looking Resume with great bullet points that would impress any potential employer.

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