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How to Showcase Your Achievements on Your Resume

Your resume is not just a document that lists your work history and education; it’s also a tool to showcase your achievements and skills. Highlighting your accomplishments is an effective way to make your resume stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of potential employers. By presenting your achievements clearly and concisely, you can demonstrate your value and prove that you’re the best candidate for the job. In this article, we’ll provide tips and tricks for showcasing your achievements on your resume, so you can make a lasting impression on hiring managers.

Top Tips for Showcasing Your Achievements on Your Resume

  1. Start with Strong Action Verbs: Begin each bullet point with a strong action verb that highlights your accomplishment, such as “Increased sales revenue by 20%,” “Led a team of 10 to complete a project ahead of schedule,” or “Developed and implemented a new customer service program.”
  2. Use bullet points to highlight achievements: Rather than simply listing your responsibilities for each job, use bullet points to showcase your accomplishments in each role. Focus on quantifiable achievements such as sales targets met, projects completed, or awards received.
  3. Use action verbs: Begin each bullet point with an action verb such as “created,” “implemented,” or “managed.” This will make your achievements stand out and give your resume a more dynamic and active tone.
  4. Focus on results: When highlighting your achievements, be sure to focus on your impact on the organization or project. For example, instead of simply stating that you increased sales, please provide specific details on how much you increased sales by and what impact it had on the organization.
  5. Use metrics: Using metrics such as percentages or dollar amounts can help quantify your achievements and give potential employers a better understanding of your capabilities.
  6. Tailor your achievements to the job: When applying for a specific job, tailor your achievements to the role’s requirements. This will help show potential employers that you have the skills and experience they are looking for.
  7. Keep it concise: While it’s important to highlight your achievements, be sure to keep your resume concise and focused. Stick to the most impressive and relevant accomplishments and avoid going into too much detail.


Remember, your resume should be a clear and concise summary of your professional experience, so be sure to only include achievements that are relevant to the job you’re applying for and that showcase your skills and abilities.

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