Functional Resume – Guide

Functional Resume is one of the less-common resume formats used by job seekers. It is also called a skills-based resume as this format highlights the skills instead of work history of the individual. In reality, a lot of companies prefer the chronological format over this one. That is why it is better to first decide whether you truly need to use this format or not.

What to Include in this Format

  1. Contact Information
  2. Professional Summary
  3. Title
  4. Skills Summary
  5. Additional Skills
  6. Work Experiences
  7. Education


How a Functional Resume Format is Different

A functional resume format is the complete opposite of the chronological format. The former one gives emphasis on skills and achievements, mentioning the work details only in the end. And unlike the latter one, there is no need to mention the dates or duration of your work experiences.

This resume format highlights the attributes of the individual giving the recruiters a clear knowledge of their skills. This type of format is the best choice for those who want to hide the gaps in their employment history from the recruiters. Also, it is advantageous. for those who change their jobs frequently, to not let the company know the same. These characteristics of this format increase their chances of getting an interview, which other formats wouldn’t have done.

But, this format may seem unprofessional to some companies who prefer the conservative approach. Also, the company may think you are using this format only because you have a lot to hide from them. And, although your skills are given the most attention here, you may not have any experience to back those up.

Basically, if you have a long but inconsistent work history, it is best to use this format.



  1. Emphasis on skills
  2. Hides lack of experience
  3. A better option for those with limited work experience or changing careers
  4. Best for individuals with gaps in their employment history



  1. May bring attention to lack of experience
  2. May create the idea that you lack the commitment to stick to one job



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