accountant resume

Accounting Resume

Why worry about creating an accounting resume when there are hundreds of accounting jobs available in your location?

The answer is simple. Not all of these organizations offer a good work environment or additional benefits with the salary. 

And how many jobs do you think will offer these along with a sufficient in-hand salary? 


And hence comes the need of creating the perfect resume that will land you more accounting job interviews.

Choose a Proper Format for your Accounting Resume

Accountants are expected to be meticulous as their work involves going through large amounts of documents to make sure the data is accurate and current. Your Accountant Resume must showcase this quality to the hiring managers. 

So, choosing a proper format for your resume becomes essential.   

The best accounting format lists your most recent experiences at the top then moves on to the older ones chronologically. 

Use big and friendly headings with easy-to-read fonts. 

Use sufficient white spaces and consistent font styles to ensure the resume looks tidy and professional.

Finally, remember to save your resume in PDF file format before sending it to your employer. 

Start with a Resume Summary or Resume Objective 

Hiring managers will not be wasting more than a few seconds to review your resume. 

Then how to grab their attention in those few seconds?

Start with an engaging resume summary or objective that aligns with the company’s goals and shows the best of your accomplishments. 

If you have got tons of accounting experience, go with a Resume Summary that briefly describes your relevant experience and how they make you the best fit for the job.

If you have little or zero relevant experience, then worry not. You can simply start with a Resume Objective to describe your passion and goals, and what value you can bring to their company. 

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Prove your Accounting Skills through the Work Experience section 

With an engaging accounting resume summary, you got the attention of your hiring manager. Now, with the help of your Work Experience section, prove to them you are an ideal candidate for the job.

First, read their job description and list the qualities they are looking for. 

Next, go through your past accounting experiences to find proof that you possess those qualities.

Finally, use bullets to integrate those skills by describing your accomplishments.

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Well, if you had no relevant past accounting experience, you can use other work experiences too to showcase the qualities they are looking for. You may include internships, part-time jobs, volunteering experiences, and others as long as they can prove the relevant skills.    

Add an Education section in your Accounting Resume 

Your education details can play a crucial role in landing you an interview if it is cleverly written. 

Every hiring manager likes candidates who have the potential to learn quickly and have leadership qualities in them. And the Education section of your Accounting Resume is the perfect spot to define these qualities.

Start with mentioning your highest degree, the university where you received it, and your starting and ending year. 

Now, use 3-5 bullets to list your academic achievements that fit with the job role.  

If you have a high GPA, you can also add it to your academic achievements. 

Include your Accounting Certifications and Licenses

Nothing can be better for an accountant if they already got their CPA license. 

If you have a relevant certification or accounting license, make sure you include it in your Accounting Resume. 

You may add your certifications:

  • Under your Name in the sub-heading
  • In your Resume Summary or Resume Objective
  • Under a separate Certifications section in your resume

Lastly, make sure you proofread your accounting resume carefully to ensure there are no mistakes. With that, you have got the perfect accounting resume at your side. 

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