Ideal Resume Format for Freshers & Students: Chronological Resume

Writing an entry-level resume is never an easy task, right? You feel hell lot of things like you’re not experienced enough and have very few achievements to write. But if you know the correct resume format suitable for your position, your life can a lot easier. Here it is

Being fresher your best pick is chronological resume layout. Maintain the following order in your resume/CV:

  1. Contact information
  2. Resume summary or resume objective
  3. Education
  4. Work experience ( Internship & Volunteer)
  5. Accomplishments
  6. Certification
  7. Skills
  8. Passion

If you have no experience relevant to the job opening, begin your resume with your education section. Always put your best foot forward. List your most relevant coursework, your academic interests, and favorite fields of study.

What comes next on a resume format for freshers or entry level candidates? That’s right, work experience. List your volunteer experience and part-time gigs. Even if your job history is not related to the position you’re trying to land, your work experience has definitely helped you acquire soft skills such as teamwork, time management and team bonding.

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